2mm Tear Resistant Super Skin

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Features at a glance

  • 2mm total suit thickness
  • Open cell interior
  • Tear resistant super skin exterior
  • Yamamoto #45 neoprene
  • Glued and blind stitched
  • Double clip beaver tail system
  • Thick, internally built chest loading pad.
  • Seam stitched ends for added strength

Innovation ahead of its time
Multi layered technology, beginning with the highest grade quality neoprene on the market -Yamamoto #45. Open cell inside lining, externally lined nylon exterior soaked and bonded with polyurethane. This revolutionary technique ensures a smooth skin wetsuit completely water resistant with up to 2x tear and abrasion resistance of any other suit currently on the market.

Dive deeper
With a smooth exterior you will literally glide through the water! The hydrophobic nature will allow dive after dive with little water resistance allowing for a smoother more streamline movement.

Remain warmer
Thermal insulation is dramatically increased due to several features of csub’s super smoothy. The seams penetrate less than 1mm providing a complete water resistant wetsuit. Smooth exterior is totally water resistant therefore dries quickly (perfect for boat diving, in and out of the water).
Any water simply beads off and is unable to absorb into the nylon fabric due to the polyurethane external coat. The all black exterior attracts the sun and holds the warmth.

Wear less weight!
Due to the above thermal features we can essentially create a 2mm super skin suit with the same corresponding warmth as a 3mm lined suit. Less weight and less restriction not only means more comfort but better diving.

Built to last!
PU soaked external nylon lining protects the neoprene from tears and abrasion. Stitch finish including ankle, wrist and face seams ensures no unwanted tearing with use. This suit is strong! It will hold up to the toughest environments for extended life.

Stay comfy
Super stretchy and supple Yamamoto #45 neoprene, 2mm total wetsuit thickness along with the elasticity of the ultrastretch lining provides a simply unrivaled comfortable fit. With an internally built in thick chest pad, loading the gun is a breeze.


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