Solid Snapper

After a successful morning and a variety of species we drifted slightly off our mark to come across a nice sand batch between solid structure. Surgeons where thick but what was also thick – Snapper ! With the boat on anchor and our two other dive buddies headed in the other direction we decided to agree to not ruin this opportunity for one another by taking a rushed shot or pushing forward on the fish each dive. Everything just seemed to fall in place, we had several dives one after each other on the spot with most occasions leading to an extended gun but not quite a good enough or close enough shot.

I knew all to well the Snapper shouldn’t and wouldn’t hang around for much longer so I took a shorter than usual recovery time between dives. I hit the bottom and waited, sure enough the school of solid Snapper 20-30 deep ranging from 2-5kg emerged through the surgeons but stayed just out of range. I kept my head down and crawled forward positioning myself on the last few high points before the sand hole. As you could imagine I am running short on breath and starting to feel uncomfortable and anxious that I will have to hit the surface soon. With that said I controlled myself tracked the school and tried not to move.

Snapper everywhere, should I swim at them and take a quick shot? nope. Should I stay down for much longer, probably not and then it all came together.

A beautiful fully developed Snapper more and more curious, pushed forward of the pack and gave me a split second opportunity to pull the trigger.

Stone cold the spear hit the spine and I hit the surface hoo harring in excitement