Solid Snapper

spearfishing solid snapper

After a successful morning and a variety of species we drifted slightly off our mark to come across a nice sand batch between solid structure. Surgeons where thick but what was also thick – Snapper ! With the boat on anchor and our two other dive buddies headed in the other direction we decided to […]

Don’t Give Up

A wise mate was telling me the night before “If you can get away with it don’t second or third shot a big cobia coz it’ll bend every shaft” well 6 hours later my shaft had to go into this fish second and well lets just say its in the bin.. Funny enough though the […]

Little Boat Big Jew Fish

After loosing our propeller in an unfortunate incident we where left with a mates second hand surf rescue boat to dive some inshore locations You don’t alway need a big boat to spear big fish ! After a successful morning there was no room left in the boat as it was filled with jewfish, kingfish, […]

Tough Decisions

We recently dove our local, early morning and came across this healthy school of jew. Usually the water is no better than 10 metres vis but today was an exception with 30 metres. We could actually see a big black ball moving up and down the sand line from the surface (jew school) but in […]